Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Letter from Tootsie: My Favorite Places

I am a lucky and savvy Tube of Fur. Here are some of my favorite places where I hike, nap, and snorfle.

The woods in Idaho with my fur-brother Truffle (RIP).

The shores of the Ligurian Sea.

The shores of the Pacific Ocean.

The shores of Lake Pend'Oreille, Idaho.

And let's not forget the mountains. The Alps!

How we love to hike.

But now the world has gone upside down.

Because the USA has elected a man with no morality and no compulsion about lying. We've been told that Trump says what needs saying and that he doesn't mean what he says. But words matter. You don't get it both ways. Those who think they can define his meaning as it suits them have been scammed.

Trump denies that global climate change is an urgent threat to civilization. The Paris accords are dead. This is what the USA has unleashed. This is what the USA has done to the world.

My new anthem.

There is no silver lining to this election. Here's what you can do now:

Consider making a donation to 350.org -- on behalf of climate change. (One example, the most common sentiment to my mom in Switzerland: "What has America done? This affects us all." On the other hand, we have talked to Europeans who think the American elections do not affect them; they are mistaken.)

Consider making a donation to the American Civil Liberties Union -- on behalf of the American constitution.

Consider making a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center -- on behalf of our sisters and brothers so at risk in America. (Two personal examples from this past weekend -- one friend's daughter had hate speech written on her apartment and her car, and another friend had hate speech written on her campus organization's door with flyers distributed across campus.)


  1. it's sad to see all the beautiful things of our planet and to ponder about losing all this... once the kids will think polar bears or wild horses are things from a fairytale :o(

  2. Well said. Words do matter. I am terrified at the idea that Trump's loathsome world view becomes somehow treated as 'normal'.
    The photo of Trump and Farage is the stuff of nightmares.
    Sending hugs,
    Gail (and Bertie).

  3. Paws up for your post, Tootsie ! Yes, words matter. And Claire is sad and afraid of what is going to happen to the world with that new US president. Purrs

  4. Tootsie,
    We stateside schnoodles know you to be both wise and wonderful. We have very keen eyes and ears and hearts which tell us such things. We too are bewildered and saddened by the current state of the human world. And yet we will endeavor with all that we are to snuggle, alert the house to dangers real and imaginary, roll in all manner of dead things, curl up into long slivers of afternoon sunlight, and frolic in the tall grasses. Humans are strange and fickle things. All we four-legged ones can do is love them as best we can, protect them fiercely, be here to comfort them when they need comforting, and bark at them a bit when they get out of line. This is our work.

    Much love and wags,
    Zippie and Cookie

  5. Ahhh that is so awesome!! All your favorite places look so nice!
    Not gonna lie, i'm a little jealous of your mountain trip. That looks like so much fun.
    Very cute pictures, thank you for sharing with us! :)

    Have a wonderful day!



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