Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

We're sending love to women all around the world. From the hills to the valleys, women make the world go round. And particularly today, we are thinking of all the women in the United States who will suffer because of the policies of the GOP -- their roll-back of environmental protections, for starters, will have profound effects on health and the great North American land.

It's 2017, and we still have to say it: women's rights are human rights.

Fall, 2016. The French Maritime Alps.


  1. Yay for women's rights!
    Gail, and Bertie (feminists for this day and all days).

  2. have a fabulous womens day and a hug to all the brave and powerful women who made it possible that women are (nearly) equal now...

  3. Well said, Tootsie ! We hope you and your mom had a great Women's Day ! Purrs


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