Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Remembering Suni

Last July, during a hike in the Matterhorn region, Dachshund Daddy (DD) met Suni, the Queen of the Alps.

A passionate hiker, Suni summited countless mountains all over the Alps with her human dad, Gabri. You can read all about their adventures on their website. Even if you can't read Italian, you'll enjoy their gorgeous photos.

We knew all about Suni and her prowess as a doggy hiker long before DD met her. We'd read all about her on her website. As a fellow little dog and a fellow hiker, I admired Suni and her passion for the great outdoors.

Suni loved her mountains, and she loved sharing them with her human dad, who gave her the gift of a very special life.

Suni repaid him with the unconditional love that only a dog can give her human. Their bond grew increasingly stronger as Suni entered her silver years.
Blessed is the man who earned the love of an old dog.

Suni continued to power up the hills with her four-paw drive until this spring, when she flew over the rainbow bridge.

Now, every time her human dad climbs a mountain, he and Angel Suni are reunited.

Run free, Angel Suni, in that big meadow in the sky.


  1. We're sorry for the loss of your friend. We send you and her family comforting purrs. Purrs

  2. Hi
    Legendary Suni,
    My sweet queen
    And a perfect companion of thousands of adventures.

    Love, the invisible leash
    Which brought us together
    Happy on so many mountains
    It binds us forever
    And never can be dissolved!

    Gabriele, February 27, 2017

    A heartfelt thanks
    To all the friends who loved Suni,
    To all those who gave him a caress,
    To all those who have put a liking to her photos,
    To all those who have recognized him in the mountains and affectionately greeted him
    thank you so much!


  3. We are sorry for the loss of your friend. May the memories of her bring you peace and joy.

  4. We're sorry for the loss of your friend. We send you and her family comforting purrs



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