Saturday, January 6, 2018

La Befana 2018

Tootsie does not understand why HumanMomRenée & Dachshund Daddy get to eat these Italian pastries for La Befana...

while she has to eat dry kibble from a Tupperware bowl. At the very least, the kibble presentation could be vastly improved.

La Befana is a witch who delivers chocolate or coal. (She's also known as Frau Perchta. This is All King's Day, but celebrated in Italy and southern Switzerland as La Befana.) La Befana looks rather like the witch on stick that you see in the United States for Halloween. Or she looks kind of like this (though this witch is from a trail marker in Germany).

Here's a throwback to an earlier post we wrote about La Befana.


  1. We agree, Tootsie : we think you should deserve treats too, nicely displayed in a pretty bow. Purrs

  2. Tootsie, you definitely deserve something grander than Tupperware!


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