Friday, February 23, 2018

New Clothes and a Squeaky Toy!

Dachshund Delights is the best. Tootsie loves her new squeaky toy, which Dachshund Delights included as a gift, and she loves her made-to-order Hold-a-Dog Harness, Snap-a-Danna, and raincoat.

Do you ever have trouble finding clothes that fit? Every item from Dachshund Delights fits because it is made to your size. For dogs only, no humans. All breeds welcome!


  1. Oh Tootsie, those made to measure items are just super, especially the personalised Hold-a-Dog harness. But it is probably good for Gail's bank balance that we have not yet found a fox terrier equivalent to Dachshund Delights!
    Toodle pip!

    1. Oh, but Dachshund Delights accepts all breeds! :)

  2. Those are all lovely items, Tootsie, and we're looking forward to seeing you wearing them ! Purrs


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