Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Sandspit in Lake Lugano

One of Tootsie's favorite places was the park at the mouth of the Magliasina river. Sometimes, depending on the currents and other factors, a sandspit forms in the shallow waters where the river meets Lake Lugano. It's so much fun to stand on the sandspit!

The mountains in the far distance are in Italy, while everything else you see is in Switzerland. That's why every duck in Lake Lugano carries a passport.



  1. Such wonderful memories of your travels with Tootsie.
    Hope you are doing well and staying healthy.


  2. MOL ! We didn't know ducks had a passport ! Maybe the ducks on the Lake of Geneva have one too ? Purrs

  3. Those little sand hills are amazing and seem to come out of no where. Beautiful country.

    Miss you Tootsie. Hope you and Amber are behaving yourselves at the Bridge.

  4. Hi! I’m back! Love the photos!
    Teddy and Lady

  5. Bertie always appreciates a post with a geomorphological element. And wonders will the ducks also be needing to carry a vaccine passport?


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