Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barometro A Corda

This is a Rope-Based Barometer, known in Southern Switzerland and parts of Northern Italy as Barometro a Corda. It is a common sight on trails throughout Switzerland. We have found them to be quite reliable.

To start, focus on the rope in the center.

To operate this weather-information center, one must analyze the state of the rope and match that state to the choices listed on either side of the rope (Italian on the left and German on the right.)

Here is the English translation:

If the rope is dry: fair weather.

If the rope is wet: rain.

If the rope is stiff: cold.

If the rope blows back and forth: wind.

If the rope is invisible: drink less.

If there is no rope: it got stolen.

We have seen other versions in different areas of Switzerland. For example, here follows one common variation:

If the rope is invisible: fog.


  1. that is WONDERFUL! for a moment, i thought it might be a serious weather instrument lol. i never knew the Swiss had a sense of humour :)

    1. It IS a serious weather instrument! Way more reliable than modern technology :)

  2. We see that here, except it's usually a rock. Maybe the rope works better. BOL

  3. Wonderful! I needed a good chuckle this morning.

  4. The rope states the obvious. It is funny. I would probably try to destroy the rope, or at leats steal it.

    1. This is why there is an entry for 'If there is no rope'.

  5. This is from my kindred spirit, Pat-the-Human; she writes:


    In reading today's entry a funny thing happened. I initially read it as "Barometro a Coda." ["Coda" means "tail" in Italian.] Then looking closer, I saw that it is "Barometro a Corda." Very interesting. I've never seen anything like that before. But, it quickly occurred to me that Tootsie actually has a "barometro a coda" because her tail is a barometer of her moods, no?

    Like when it's still--perhaps peaceful or contemplative. When stiff, perhaps sensing danger. When mildly wagging, perhaps content. And when actively or furiously wagging back and forth--ecstatic!

    Your devoted follower,

    1. Dear kindred spirit, Pat-the-Human:

      Thank you so much for pointing this out! I love it. Now my parents are asking me to pose as a Barometro a Coda!

      You are wotten waven!

      Tootsie (and my parental units, too)

  6. We love the rope barometer! Thanks for sharing it with us! I think we should have them on trails in the U.S.

    1. It's definitely a great tool, as long as the rope doesn't get stolen :)


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