Monday, November 19, 2012

A Letter from Yugi: Guest Post

Dear Tootsie,

Did you hear the story about how I fell in at the marina? My mom and your human uncle and cousins had flown to the Wotten Waven Wyoming Wedding of 2012, but I stayed behind. I am not able to fly "in-cabin" like you, and I don't much like flying cargo.

I am not cargo! I am Yugi!

I was walking on the dock with my caregivers, minding my own paws, and suddendly: a scuba diver pops up out of the water. I saw the diver pop up. Have you ever seen such a thing? It's weird. It looked neither human nor fish nor penguin. I didn't even know the creature was called a "scuba diver."

I backed up and backed up. Splash! I fell right into the water over the back of myself, off the dock.

Very funny, right?

I swam around frantically until my caregivers, Monique and Jakob, directed me back to the dock. Another guy helped them drag me out of the water.

I was very confused.

Then the scuba diver -- looking neither human nor fish nor penguin -- waved at me.

Freaked me out.

Remember that time you told me about when you fell into Lake Lugano while you were trying to make friends with Medieval ducks? I never asked, but how did you get out of the lake? Did a scuba diver help you?


P.s. Mom says I need a bath from all the salt water. I'm looking forward to the rub down.


  1. What a terrible shock for Yuga. At least help was at hand. Those scuba divers sould just plain weird. Gail is telling me about the time when she lived in Oklahoma, and she and her friend used to own a little sailboat and used regularly to take the friend's labrador Montana out as 'crew' when sailing on Copan Lake. But one day they tipped the boat and when they eventually righted it, had a great struggle lifting Montana (no lightweight) back in the boat without tipping it again. And when back in the boat he stood rigid but trembling, until they came back to shore...
    Toodle pip!

  2. That would definitely be a shock! I don't know how I'd react to seeing one of those things popping up right in front of me!

  3. Holy Dog I would have leaped into the water if I saw that. And I don't mean leap at the suba monster. I would have leaped in the oppisite direction.

  4. Glad everything worked out okay, Yugi! Enjoy your de-salting rubdown! After that fright, you deserve it!

  5. Glad everything worked out okay, Yugi. Enjoy your de-salting rubdown. After that fright you deserve some relaxation time.

  6. What a frightening experience! Mr T fell into the water once. He was walking along the wall and wobbled off it. SPLASH! He just stood there in the water. Lucky it was low tide. No one could lift him out (he was 55kgs DRY). Cushion had to go in and walk him out. What a duh. I'm very careful near water. It's scary.

  7. we think that was the right reaction to a scuba diver! Lee and Phod

  8. Oh I sure am glad Yugi is okay! That must have been scary!

  9. I'm sorry, Yugi, but I can't help but laugh and laugh.


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