Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dachshund Daddy's Cast

This is how I feel.

Things are wonky here in Switzerland. My dad is okay, but he had a serious bicycle accident.

You're going along, wagging your tail, and suddenly your dad comes home from the ER with a cast on his arm. It's not really a cast; it's called Fractomed.

Dad was passing a right-turning vehicle, and another car was making a left turn from a road on Dad's right. Bam. Dad flew through the air.

The poor driver of the left-turning car. Freaked out. Of course. Everyone got out of their cars and rushed to Dad. Dachshund Daddy jumped up, hopping around like a bunny.

We are very lucky.

Dachshund Daddy always wears his helmet. Thank goodness, because he hit right on top of his head. He heard a "pop". Is that the foam in the helmet squishing down?

And we're moving to a new place. This week. Did I mention that part?


  1. Oh dear, poor Dachshund Daddy. In our experience, it takes more than the occasional fractured arm to deter a keen cyclist. Hope he's back o n his bicycle soon and that the move goes smoothly too. It is a new town or just a new residence?
    Gail (and Bertie).

  2. Tootsie, I am so relieved to hear that your human is alright. Flying through the air and landing on his head! That must have been so frightening for everyone. Thank goodness for helmets.

    Are you moving to another town or house? Either way, hope you have a good move. Take care X

  3. Oh no, your poor Daddy! We are so sorry to hear that he went ka-boom on the ground for hurted his arm. It's a very good thing he is a safe rider and wears his helmet. We are thankful it wasn't worse!!

    Good luck on the move to your new home. It's gonna be a busy time doing that (especially with Daddy's arm.) Help him out as much as you can sweetie.

    Lily Belle

  4. Your poor dad. Hope he gets feeling better and heals up A-OK. Moving? I am not a fan of moving, my MOM even likes it less.

  5. Glad you daddy is okay. Sending healing prayers for quick healing.

  6. Oh my gosh, your poor Dad! I hope his arm will be okay and does not hurt too much. That sounds very scary!

  7. Good he is okay. Hope u like your new home!


  8. Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for your Daddy! My hubby broke his collar bone in a bicycle accident a few years ago. It is not fun stuff, but It could have been a lot worse. What bad timing considering that you are moving! Good luck!


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