Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY: Dog Fence

This post is underwritten by our partner Dog Fence DIY, the most affordable resource for wireless dog fencing.

Mom was contacted by Dog Fence DIY and asked if we might participate in a blog campaign for this neat company by sharing our thoughts about “How Your Dog Makes a Difference in Your Family.”

Since I’m a dog, I’m giving the blog over to Mom—just for today—so Mom can write about me.

Dear Tootsie,

Thanks for letting me take over your blog to tell you how you make a difference in our family. In the interest of transparency, for this post, we will receive a gift-card to Amazon from Gayla Baer, a media specialist, on behalf of her client Dog Fence DIY. Thank you, Gayla and Dog Fence DIY!

(Amazon has lots of doggy items, Tootsie; just let me know what you might enjoy.)

How do you—our miniature dachshund—make a difference in our family? Oh, let me count the ways! The difference you make in our lives is infinite; I’ll name a few.

1. Because you are down low you see things in a low-down way. You are our little reality check.

You are always able to change our perspective and our perspective is always changing when we bend far over to say hello. For example, the other day, you were burrowed under a blanket. I could not find you. You helped me get some exercise bending up and down and looking for your latest burrow.

But searching for your latest burrow is not the only exercise we get. Dachshund Daddy and I walk all the time because of you.

And exercise is the least of it, right? You with your little legs, which carry you far; Dachshund Daddy and I with our big legs that can only try to keep up with you...

2. Because you are funny, you make us laugh.

You are always able to waddle forward through life. No matter how high the couch or how high the bed or how high the aspiration, you always leap. No matter how unsuccessful, you always leap again. We’re forever catching you and stopping you before you jump … to keep your long back safe and our nerves intact. You're our little munchkin.

I’ve never known a dog who looked less dog but was more dog than you. Yes, you have a snout and paws and floppy ears and a tail but you’re something more than dog, too. You look very small when placed next to the big dog Truffle. It’s amazing you were shrink-wrapped from a big dog to live this life in a little dog body.

3. You make Dachshund Daddy’s heart explode with happiness.

4. You make Grandpa’s heart explode with happiness.

5. You make my heart explode with happiness.

We love you. We cannot imagine life before or after you. There is only now in Tootsie time.

Thank you,  Dog Fence DIY, for this opportunity to express our Tootsie love.


  1. Oh my dog I have tears in my eyes. So beautiful, so beautiful. Toostie you really have some keeper of peeps there. They love love love you so much.

  2. Dear Tootise's Mom, you have put it all so beautifully. I often wonder how Gail ever managed in the forty years of her life before she had a dog.
    Oh, Gail is saying she wonders too.
    Toodle pip!

  3. What a lovely tribute to Tootsie! You are a lucky dog!

  4. OMD Tootsie.... It must be a Dachshund thingy... beclaws OUR mom says all those thingys about US.
    Isn't it GRRRREAT to the be the CENTER of the UNIVERSE???

  5. That was so beautiful! My Mommy feels the exact same way about Muffin and me. Love, love, love all around.

    Lily Belle

  6. Awww, that was awesome. Dogs are the best therapy in the world.

  7. Oh Toots. Your mama and DD are such sooks for you. I bet they have excellent flexible hamstrings ;) HUGS x

  8. Christa taking dictation from BrunoMarch 27, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    Let's all celebrate Tootsie Time -- it is the best time of life. :-)


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