Monday, April 15, 2013

Lucio's Commute - Part One

Yesterday we introduced you to super-fluffy Lucio.

Dachshund Daddy met him on his bike ride up and over San Lucio Pass, an unpaved border crossing between Italy and Switzerland where travel conditions can be somewhat challenging this time of year.

First, DD met Lucio's fur-brother Pippo in the town of Buggiolo, Italy. Pippo barked away at DD...

and then hid under a snowplow. Can you find Pippo?

Pippo is Lucio's fur-brother; DD met Lucio on the super-duper-steep four wheel drive track from Buggiolo to the Pass. DD was very happy to take a break from his bike ride to take pictures of Lucio and his fur-friend Figaro.

Figaro was headed to St Lucio Pass with his human parents, followed by Lucio.

As explained by Figaro's parents, Lucio often commutes between Pippo's place in Buggiolo and his own place up at St Lucio Pass. That's what he was doing when DD saw him with Figaro. Visit us again tomorrow to learn more about fluffy Lucio!


  1. Oh what fun! I can't wait to see more fluffiness!

  2. Can you believe that Gail made me biggify the picture of THE BICYCLE!!!!
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (who is looking forward to reading more about Lucio and is not at all interested in gear ratios etc...)

  3. We like to go on your international adventures with you. It let's us see the world! lee and phod

  4. What a great life! I wish us doggies in Sydney could chill and float like that.


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