Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Premium Denim Tootsie Bed Set

My own wotten waven doggy bed from L.L.Bean!

Fur Disclosure: this is not an ad. Mom splurged on this doggy bed, and I love it.


  1. Hey Tootsie...looks pretty comfurtable and I love the personalization look like you're pretty happy with Moms purchase! Have a great day of rolling around and napping on your new bed!

  2. Very spiffy and large for you too. I only sort of fit on my beds, unless I curl up. The downside of being a BigDog. Not that much choice in beds (here).

    Where are you guys off to next? Happy travelling! X

  3. I love the LLBean beds and they are definitely a splurge! I have my eye on one.....

  4. OMD, it even has your NAME on it! That is a pawsome bed.

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