Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Note from Jasmine: Cat Guest Post

Today, I am sharing an email that I received from Jasmine.

My beautiful friend Jasmine.

Dear Tootsie,
I know you have worried about your mom’s coffee consumption, so I thought you might be interested in this article. Though it doesn’t justify unlimited amounts of the brew, and there are still some negative effects, it should make you feel a little more at ease when she imbibes.
I follow your life on your blog and find your travels and adventures quite interesting.  Being a cat, travel with humans is not too enticing, though I did recently make an outing to the vet for my annual checkup. This was followed by sitting in my travel carrier for hours while my parents ran innumerable errands.  I must admit, however, that the day was not as stressful as I had anticipated; I even enjoyed the ride just the tiniest bit (but don’t tell anyone!).
My parents look forward to seeing your parents again during your summer visit to Idaho.
P.s. Thank you for your return email. I enjoy corresponding with you, as  I do so miss the companionship of a dog. Tramp was my best friend for years. He shared everything with me. Other cats are so boring and just represent competition for the affection of my humans.

Thank you, Jasmine, for your letter!

I had planned to post another coffee concerns plea, because Mom has been drinking a lot of coffee of late, as she has done before, but I'll wait while I consider the article.

Here's some information from the article Jasmine attached to her email:

In the Weill Cornell Medical Center "Women's Nutrition Connection" Newsletter (Volume 12G),  Weill Cornell dietitian Carly Trueger, RD, says: "Research shows that coffee drinkers are healthier than people who don't drink coffee. However, it is difficult to determine, based on current research, if it's just the coffee that makes people healthier, since there are so many other dietary variables and other factors that cannot all be accounted for."

Still, Mom is ecstatic and plans to keep drinking coffee!


  1. And I shall keep her company, double strength dark!

    Your friend Jasmine sounds sweet (for a cat ;) BWAH haha! I don't know how you guys travel so much. I am exhausted already. But we have free wifi today, so a chance to do some reading and catch up! X

  2. Make mine a Mocha Latte please.....

    Mommy Kim

  3. What a pretty cat. Our mom loves coffee too she also likes wine mom read coffee protects the liver so she was happy
    Urban hounds

  4. We hope you can help your Mom with her coffee problem. Neither of our people drink it. Our Lady drinks herbal tea and claims it is good for her! Have a great day. Lee and Phod

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