Saturday, May 4, 2013

Portrait by Aghi

Last summer, my mom commissioned my human cousin Aghi to draw my portrait. Thank you, Aghi!

And for my time, my mom's brother and his sons (my human uncle and cousins) gave me "Alaska Wild Things" salmon treats. These are total wotten waven! You can purchase treats for you and for your pets by clicking Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon for Humans and for Pets.

As a working Alaskan fishing family, during the summer, my human cousins fish with their dad in a safe southeastern Alaskan fishery. Mom says that her nephews, my human cousins, are two very lucky, very special boys to have such a neat Dad who is also a Captain. Their dad cares for them and teaches them skills and keeps them safe. The whole schnaa is wotten waven.

Here is Aghi's design for their Mojo Coho Wild Salmon fishing business:

Here is a photo of my human family fishing: my grandpa, my human cousins, and my uncle:


Send more salmon, please!


  1. What a tough job they have. We watch that show on TV sometimes where they catch the crabs and with all that nasty weather it is sooooo dangerous.

    It's pawsome that the trade is being handed down from generation to generation. That doesn't happen much anymore.

    The treats sure do look yummy. We will check it out.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Wow, how cool is that! We've seen tv shows about that too and it can get real dangerous and scary! Hey, I love your commissioned artist!!! Be sure to tell Aghi the fans await more from your Gallery!!

  3. That's a lovely likeness of you in that portrait. Such talent in your family!

  4. Yugi says, " I wonder if Artist Aghi will draw my portrait. I've been dreaming about fishing so much my human got me a salmon collar."


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