Monday, June 30, 2014

The Importance of Pet Insurance

If you're a dachshund lover, you may have followed Dachshund Obie's incredible weigh loss progress. Obie started at over seventy pounds (approx. 32 kilos) and now weighs twenty-three pounds (approx. 10.4 kilos).

I didn't start at Obie's weight, but I am now half the size I used to be. Before Mom and Dachshund Daddy adopted me, I had health problems. I was twice my size: two tubes of fur, instead of one! I weighed almost twenty pounds (approx. 9.1 kilos). I was chunky. I couldn't jump up on the couch, though I tried. I got tired walking and would plop in place. My spirit was indomitable, because I always kept on wagging, but I feel healthier now.

Plus, I had several health issues. I had bladder stones--lots--and I needed surgery to remove them. Then I had to have three teeth removed. That meant I had to go under anesthesia two times in under two months for two operations. (My breath was yucky and rotten, but Dachshund Daddy still let me kiss him. Mom didn't.)

All this happened three years ago! (It took longer than a summer to lose my weight.) Now I'm a fit tube of fur. I can hike all day, often two days in a row. I can hike twelve miles (approx. 19 kilometers); no problem! I walk daily and watch my kibble. I eat cawwots and green beans for treats.

Oh, and I'm a champion burrower, too!

It's for all these health reasons that I recommend Please visit to find out about reasonable health insurance coverage for your dogs or cats. It's a wonderful organization.

If we'd had pet insurance three years ago, it would have helped a lot!

Keep on wagging,


  1. We agree Tootsie, pet insurance helps a lot when it's about surgery and high health costs. In Switzerland we recommend Animalia : they are competent and very nice. Purrs

  2. Tootsie! We had no idea you'd worked so hard to be the svelte hiking machine that you are! Kudos to you and to your pawrents for giving you the encouragement that you needed to achieve these fitness goals!!


  3. Glad to hear you are doing so much better.

  4. We have always considered pet insurance, but our vet is a personal friend, so that may be the best insurance!

  5. I'm so glad you managed all this things within 3 years. BRAVO! I agree with you an insurance makes sense, specially one what covers surgerys or when we have to stay in a hospital.


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