Thursday, June 11, 2015

Now Boarding

Dear Now Boarding,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Tootsie in April while I attended the Associated Writers Program conference in Minneapolis. Tootsie and I had just flown from our home in Switzerland to Minneapolis, and we had never boarded Tootsie, so I was nervous and upset. You were super kind to me when I burst into tears walking down the hallway away from our sweet girl.

Tootsie did great because of your care! Your staff was compassionate, skilled, and professional. We love her "Report Card"; we call it an "Accomplishment Card"!

We really appreciate your care of our Tube of Fur. Thank you.

Much gratitude,
Renee (Tootsie's Mom) & Dachshund Daddy
& Tootsie, too


  1. What a sweet note! Momma has never boarded me and is super-nervous about it, but nice places like that make it a little easier!

  2. What a lovely idea ! You did great, Tootsie, your "Report Card" is very good ! We wonder if Mum is going to ask our neighbor nanny to make a "Report Card" for us the next time she leaves us... Purrs

  3. Oh Tootsie, you were so brave, and so well behaved. Gail and I think your Mom did really well to find you such a caring place to board. But then of course she would 'cos we know how how much she loves you.
    Let me tell you, I have to rough it a bit when I go to camp.
    Toodle pip!


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