Friday, June 5, 2015

Return to Switzerland: Please Send Cawwots

Mom and I are back in Switzerland with Dachshund Daddy! We had a great trip to the United States, our country of origin. Mom did lots of writing events. Thanks to Grandpa for making everything so seamless. Dachshund Daddy loves his homemade banana bread, which Grandpa specially made for him.

Here I am with Grandpa in our gorgeous Idaho woods the day before we caught our flight. Look at the moss! Super soft on my paws.

And here I am all ready to burrow into my bicontinental travel house. Mom says I did awesome in the air! Her seatmates didn't even believe I was there -- all tucked up under the seat in front of Mom. But, oops, I pee'd on Astroturf in the "Small Terrace" roof garden in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Sorry! I don't like Astroturf, but I really had to go, and by the way, I think it is terrible that the women soccer players have to play on it instead of real grass during the Women's World Cup in Canada. Another stupid bozo move by those duds who run FIFA.

Dachshund Daddy took us for gelato tonight... across the border in Italy. Well... we all went, but only Mom and Dad were allowed to eat ice cream. And pizza. They had pizza, too!

Would someone send me some cawwots, please? And would someone send Mom and me a cure for jet lag, please? (Nine hour time difference, so for me, breakfast is dinner and dinner is breakfast.)

We miss you, Grandpa!



  1. While rambling through the deep woods
    Such a distance from "Boys in the Hood"
    With a Dachshund so courtly
    And a Grandpa - well, portly!
    Perhaps this shows more than it should?

  2. What a trip ! We hope your travelled safe ! We would love to send your some cawwots if we knew where we have to send them MOL ! Purrs

  3. Tootsie, we think you did very well to fly all the way to Schipol before taking a pee. I would happily send you some cawwots 'cos I don't like them at all. But unfortunately (for you), we don't have any in the house 'cos Gail doesn't like them much either.
    Oh but Gail and I are so pleased you're safely back in Switzerland and reunited with DD.
    Toodle pip!
    PS We would believe anything bad about FIFA.

  4. I'll ship some cawwots right over, though I think you deserve some ice cream too!


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