Friday, March 4, 2016

A Furry Friend

Here's my new friend Fufi. She's from Austria and loves winter hiking.

Just like me, Fufi wishes her parents gave her some winter boots for little dogs. Our little paws can't store body heat as well as the larger paws of bigger dogs.

Fufi warned me of a major winter hazard for four-legged creatures in the Austrian mountains: barbed wire fences buried in snow. Look how freaky it is!

Dachshund Daddy and I saw this barbed wire in two different places. Swiss farmers also use barbed wire, but they don't leave it on the ground like that. Thank you, Fufi, for warning us!


  1. I'm glad Fufi came to show you that dangerous places... I hope all peeps and pets are careful when they jump through the snow.... and pecially those who have long flat sticks on their feet. my momma crashed in such a fence once with skis on her paws and got a big ouchie.... it looked a little different like the wire fence,it was red&yellow(100%UNmissable said my dad) and a security fence of the piste, but nevertheless fences in the snow are awful LOL

  2. That fence could be very dangerous for big and small pups!

  3. Yikes, that looks dangerous for pups! Glad Fifi gave you the warning.

  4. Nice to meet Fufi ! We're glad he gave you the warning about buried barbed wire fences. Purrs


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