Thursday, March 3, 2016

Badgering the witness

Last Saturday I went snowshoeing with Dachshund Daddy in the mountains above Bregenz, Austria. Well, technically, he went snowshoeing and I went snow-waddling, because they don't make snowshoes for dachshunds just yet.

While taking a break next to an old farmstead, Dachshund Daddy lifted me up in his arms to warm up my paws and ears.

That's when we saw him. Look in the photo below; can you see him?

Here's a close-up. Can you see him now?

Yes, it's a badger! The creature my forebears were bred to hunt. The namesake of our breed, since Dachs is the German word for badger. The very nemesis embedded in my DNA. Dachshund Daddy went into protective mode and hung on to me extra tight.

To Dachshund Daddy's great surprise, however, I didn't squeak or bark or squirm or do any of the dachshund things you would expect me to do. I just watched the badger quietly disappear...

through an opening in the wall. Is that self-control, or am I disconnected from my own DNA?

I tend to think it was self-control -- one of the benefits of growing older. Yet, there's something truly powerful about meeting your breed's namesake. It's like a Fox Terrier meeting a fox, a Bulldog meeting a bull, or a Boxer meeting Mike Tyson.


P.s. Mom wasn't with us, because she went to Berlin for the weekend. How cool is that?


  1. Dear Tootsie,
    You saw a badger in broad daylight? That is amazing! I used to see both badgers and foxes quite often on late evening walks near Human Granny's house and I have to say I did not react with quite your sang froid. All the badgers I have seen have been HUGE MONSTERS, and I often think about how brave you little dachshund guys must be to go after them.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail says she hopes Mom had a wonderful time in Berlin.

  2. well done, BRAVO! I bet the badger was as surprised as you to meet a dachshund in the middle of snowy austria.... and if you ask me, to meet a badger is better than to meet Mike... I would fear for my ears that moment :o) I wish your mom a fab time in Berlin :o)

  3. It is pawsome that you could be in such control with the badger. Sometimes Hailey is so into something she doesn't move. Happy snowshoeing.

  4. I think that was IRON WILLED self-control! Grreat job, Tootsie!

  5. Amazing ! We're impressed by your pawsome self-control ! Purrs


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