Friday, July 14, 2017

Switzerland’s best kept secrets: the Avers Valley

If you want to discover Switzerland’s best kept secrets, look no further than my doggie blog.

Today we’re sharing a very precious tip about a wonderful place that should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to see in Switzerland but instead is nearly empty: the Avers valley.

Nestled just north of the continental divide, the Avers valley is a high elevation side valley that branches off the Hinterrhein valley near the spa town of Andeer.

Home to very few people and very few tourist facilities, the Avers valley offers countless gorgeous hikes with its picture-perfect scenery and its pristine side valleys. Thanks to the high elevation of its valley floor, it’s always cool, even during heatwaves.

In these photos, Dachshund Daddy and I are hiking to the top of Guggernüll from the hamlet of Cresta. Lots of marmots everywhere, so you need to be on leash if you’re a hound, even a wee one like me.

I've been all over my adopted country, and the Avers Valley is one of my favorite places. Trust me, I'm a savvy sausage!


  1. What a gorgeous place ! Can you imagine that Claire never heard of it ? Thank you for letting us discover our country ! Purrs

  2. The best kept secrets are the best!


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