Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tootsie goes to Mont Blanc

"Dad, do you think I can climb Mont Blanc?"
"Probably not, love. You'd need crampons and an ice axe."

"Don't they make dachshund-sized crampons?"
"Not that I know of. Plus how would you deal with crevasses, dear?"

"I'd jump up and over them and use my tail for extra balance."
"Jumping is bad for your back, and your tail probably wouldn't give you much extra balance."

"I see... but could you buy me an ice axe?"
"How would you hold an ice axe with your paws?"

After establishing that Mont Blanc is a bit above my pay grade, I asked DD if we could hike somewhere near there. In spite of his reluctance to go anywhere near famous places, DD agreed and took me to Val Ferret, where we hiked to the top of Tête de la Tronche, nearly 8500 feet above sea level. Do you see the Italian side of Mont Blanc in the photo below? I'm going there... well, at least in that general direction :)

Here I'm covering the last few yards to the tippy top of Tête de la Tronche.

Fur disclosure: I got carried quite a bit, especially on the way up.

DD's summer hiking policy is to pick me up and carry me if I start panting too much.

It's a bit conservative, if you ask me, but I guess it's fair.

That way I don't get overtired and I can still wake him up at 5 am the next morning so he can feed me breakfast!


  1. Oh Tootsie dear Doggy Godmother, you have a wonderful hiking companion in DD - what a great team you make.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Well give it a few aeons, Toots; It is clear that the direction of your natural evolution will in time allow you to bridge smaller crevasses with no need for crampons, ice axes or even ropes! In fact now that we have the CRISP genetic tools, a well briefed veterinarian will be able to select for, and accelerate your development in your unique, crevasse-bridging direction!

  3. You're an amazing hiker, Tootsie ! DD sounds like the best hiking companion you can dream of ! Purrs


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