Monday, June 1, 2020

Special walkies with Frank, Joy, and Keanu

Dachshund Daddy recently went back to visit our doggy friends at Casa Orizzonti. In the picture below, from left to right: Joy, Keanu, and Frank, who's staring at his yellow ball held by the volunteer who takes them on their daily morning walk. DD was able to tag along and carry Joy for part of the way. Very much like our Tootsie, Joy likes to be carried for a while before she agrees to continue walking with her own four paws.

Here's Joy, checking out a pee spot by the side of the road. You can also see Keanu's paws and Frank's forehead.

After the walkie, DD stayed to cuddle Frank and his friends. Here's little Frank taking a nap with his fur-sister Cindy. We like to think that our girl Tootsie talks to them in their dreams.

Check out their sweet doggy pillow in the upper left corner!


  1. oh we bet she will!!! and that was so sweet to see you with this 3 pups

  2. They look very tuckered out after a nice walk!


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