Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mommy, I just ate a flower!!!

Today is Tootsie's Gotcha Day. If she hadn't crossed over the Rainbow Bridge just over two months ago, we'd be celebrating nine years with our girl. Here are some of the last photos that Dachshund Daddy took on April 19, the day before Tootsie's passing. April 19 was a Sunday and Tootsie got to go on three walkies: a short one at 11:30, a longer one at 5, and a third one at 8. As usual, she got carried a whole bunch, which she absolutely loved.

Mommy, I just ate a flower!!!

Whenever DD took his dog-ter on walkies, he would keep Mom up to speed by sending her WhatsApp messages with photos of Tootsie. Sometimes, Tootsie would write those messages. "Mommy, I just ate a flower!!!", Tootsie texted with DD's help at 6:49 pm. That was the last message in Tootsie's voice that Mom would ever receive.

The picture above was sent to Mom by DD four minutes later. It's our very last photo of our girl. After that, on April 20, Tootsie got to go on two more walks: a constitutional walkie with DD at 12:30 am, and a morning walkie with Mom.

Our girl loved her walkies. While she got carried most of the time during the day, she would walk quite a bit at night. Either way, as a champion senior tube of fur, she loved being outside, even more so than when she was a younger pup.

Dearest Tootsie, we miss you. We treasure you.


  1. happy happy heavenly gocha day sweet girl

  2. Nearly nine years with such a wonderful wee dog. How thankful you must be to have had her for that time, and how much you must miss her now. "Mommy, I just ate flower!!!" What a precious final text.
    Bertie and I have been thinking about you lots.
    Love and hugs, Gail.

  3. Sweet memories. Happy Gotcha Day in heaven, Angel Tootsie. Purrs

  4. Happy Gotcha Day at the Bridge, sweet Tootsie. Mom and Dad, sending you gentle purrs and all good thoughts as you mourn your beloved Tootsie's passing.

  5. Oh gosh, I'm so, so sorry I missed this beautiful post. That last picture of Tootsie is stunning! We will always treasure our friendship with your sweet girl. We miss you sweetheart!!



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