Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In memoriam

Dearest Tootsie, 

Today I'm thinking of you wrapped up in your green winter coat just below the top of Monte Reixa.

January 2017: Tootsie and her mom in the mountains above the Ligurian coastline on a clear winter day.

When you didn't feel like walking, I was always more than happy to carry you in my arms. That's because when you were in my arms, you were right next to my heart. You're still there, and always will be. 

Forever yours, 

Dachshund Daddy


  1. we will always remember the bestest bicontinental dachshound... and we often think about you...

  2. We will always remember sweet Tootsie too. I just know that Tootsie and Amber are having a great time together at Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Sweet Tootsie knew she would always be safe, close to your heart.

  4. We miss our bicontinental dachshound furriend too. Purra and hugs

  5. We miss you and often think of you. Tootsie will live forever in our hearts.

  6. Such a beautiful memory. I look at Tootsie's picture every morning on our living room shelf. She too holds a place of love and honor in our hearts.


  7. Wanted to stop by and wish you both a healthy and happy holiday season. I know it will be a tough one this year without Tootsie. I like to think that they are all up there having one grand celebration and shining down upon us sprinkling love over our heads like fairy dust.

    Merry Christmas!

    Kim & Rolf


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