Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Great 2015 Calendar Giveaway Winner!

Waggy tail, please! If you left a comment as part of our Great 2015 Calendar Giveaway, Mom wrote your name on a piece of paper, placed it in a hat, and let me pick the winner. (Sorry, there are no photos of the process, because Dachshund Daddy went on a solo hike today and took the camera.)

Cross your paws and hope that you won!

Here are a few of our entrants with links to their blogs:
The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles (We love mountains, too.)

The Swiss Cats (They said they didn't need to enter since they knew the answer, but Tootsie insisted we enter you.)

Rottrover (We like the photographs, too.)

Casey @ The Legacy Chronicles (Thank you for the waggy tail.)
Monte Generoso is the mountain on the cover of my 2015 Swiss Alps Calendar. "Generoso" means "generous" in Italian.

Barks and congratulations to the winner of our calendar (with a link to her blog):
Amber DaWeenie (We agree - next year Dachshund Daddy should make a calendar of my cartoons.) Congratulations!
Barks and congratulations to our runner-up, who will receive one of my signature magnets (with a link to his blog):
Mr. Pip (We love that you were going to research.) Congratulations!
Please send an e-mail to Mom with your preferred snail mail address.
Mom's e-mail: idahobuzzy [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank you, all. Keep on wagging!

P.s.: Mom said we should add a link to Tootsie's Shoppe (over at Zazzle).


  1. Thank you so much! I'm super excited!

  2. OMD...Tootsie, I'm so excited I could just pee! :) This calendar looks wonderful and I'll hang it up with pride!

    Lots of Love..

  3. Concatulations to the winner ! She's lucky, your pictures of our beautiful Switzerland are gorgeous ! Purrs


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