Friday, December 19, 2014

My 2015 Swiss Alps Calendar

Dear Fellow Waggers,

I'm proud to present my 2015 Swiss Alps Calendar!

Swiss Alps 2015 Calendar

I personally hand-picked the most wag-inducing photos out of Dachshund Daddy's Swiss alpine photos collection. I'm only featured in the photo at the back of the calendar so that I don't steal the scene(ry) with my extreme cuteness.

Each photo was taken by my father during one of our wotten waven hikes.

This way, we get to share a slice of Swiss alpine gorgeousity every month.

And now... time for our calendar giveaway!

The first fur-friend or human reader who guesses the exact location where the cover photo was taken will win a copy of my 2015 calendar.

As usual, there are no geographic limitations and anyone can enter. The question is hard or else anyone could Google the answer, but here's a precious hint: the name of the mountain has to do with giving things away.

Too hard? I'm not an unreasonable dachshund. If no one guesses correctly by Monday, December 22, we will select the winner randomly out of all the fur-friends who leave a comment below.


  1. How beautiful! Now they should make a calendar featuring YOU on every page! :)

  2. Those are such beeYOUtiful pictures! They'd keep you wagging all year round.

  3. We don't nose, butt the photos are gorgeous!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  4. I will have to do some research. It's beautiful

  5. We have no idea but it is so beautiful. Lady love mountains!

  6. tootsie, you are so generous! i am wagging to think of a dachshund giving away mountains! <3

  7. We won't tell ! You dad is talented, the photos are beautiful ! Good luck to your readers, it's a pawsome giveaway ! Purrs

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