Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Il Giorno della Befana

This flying grandma is the Swiss version of La Befana, the Italian witch who brings sweets or coal to kids on the sixth of January.

Mom never knew about La Befana before she spent her first Christmas holiday in Italy. That was back before I found my forever home with Mom and Dachshund Daddy.

Maybe all those years ago, when Mom first met La Befana, the ancient creature heard Mom's prayer to find a little dog who would travel back and forth between America and Switzerland. Me!

And here I am reading my favorite book because it's the season to cuddle up and read!

Happy day of the Befana!


  1. We did not know about La Befana. A nice witch? Cool.

  2. Happy Day of the Befana ! We hope you got treats ! Purrs

  3. We have a book about La Befana ...but I forgot today was her day.

  4. Momma's friend Aunt Niki is Italian, so she told us all about La Befana this year!


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