Thursday, January 8, 2015

What Day is Tootsie's Day?

About two months ago, Mom and I started a project called Tootsie Tuesdays. For example, on Tuesdays, I might share my dog philosophy, things about a healthy lowdown lifestyle and how I went from a fat little dog to a fit little dog, and what helps me live with heart.

But we noticed that there is not a lot of traffic on the blog on Tuesdays. (Dachshund Daddy notices such things in terms of data; we noticed that there weren't that many comments.) My question: Is Tuesday my day? Should I find another day?

It's possible that our Tootsie Tuesdays project is Mom's "darling." In writing, one is told to kill your darlings to edit things you think are sweet and special, which may actually be dorky or meaningful to you only. (Mom says if you edit out a darling, and you are really sad about that edit, print it, and frame it on the wall.)

Every conversation about darlings should include licks.
Tootsie Thursdays? Doesn't sound as spiffy.

Tootsie Saturday? I'm usually hiking.

Tootsie Friday? Sounds... kind of like a downer.
What do you think? Dachshund Daddy says we should switch it up. Mom thinks we should keep going.

Advice Needed, Please: Shall we keep going with Tootsie Tuesdays?

Thanks for all your thoughts!



  1. Tootisie Tuesdays is easy to remember. Keep it.

  2. I love how Tootsie Tuesday sounds and think it is a great idea, but I think you are right Tuesdays are a wee bit quieter than other days. Maybe give it a little more time and see if things pick up or maybe give people a reminder on Monday to tune in the next day?

    By the way, I was so inspired by your magnets that I decided to create my own little store on Zazzle. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I think anyone who follows you, Tootsie, [like me] will always find you no matter what day it is.... :)

  4. Well dear doggy-godmother, both Gail and I think Tootsie Tuesday has a nice ring to it, and also we are puzzled 'cos on my blog Tuesday is a relatively high traffic day. We absolutely love ALL your posts, but we do suspect that 'unique' post titles get more traffic than regular ones; certainly, we would be more likely to read a post with a title that intrigues.
    Hope this helps!
    Toodle pip!

  5. I only have time to visit on Saturdays. I love all of your and Tootsie's posts, no matter which day they are published. Tootsie Tuesday is a catchy name, so I say stick with it.


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