Monday, January 5, 2015

Three Benefits of an Electric Dog Fence

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We always do whatever we can to take care of our dogs. Love, attention, good food, plenty of exercise, and regular trips to the vet are just some of the things we give them to keep them safe and healthy. We also know how important it is to foster our dogs’ natural desires to roam and explore. If you’re fortunate enough to have a yard that your dog can play in, you make sure they’re kept within the boundaries of your property, far from danger.

These paws are made for walking.

Traditional fences and electric fences can both serve to enclose your property for the safety of your dog. Many people prefer traditional fences. However, there are many instances in which an electric dog fence can be advantageous. Here are some of the potential benefits of an electronic dog fence that you might want to consider.

Great for Stubborn Dogs
Some dogs are driven to escape. Dogs who like to dig, for example, will claw at the earth under a traditional fence until they’ve created their own escape route. Hunting dogs will jump over or tear through traditional fences because their instincts to chase animals on the other side are so strong. Very aggressive dogs of all breeds will also do whatever they can to break the confines of their yard when their adrenaline is rushing. An electric dog fence can better contain these types of dogs. An e-collar emits a mild static shock that deters the dog from getting close to the boundaries of the yard - preventing them from going under, over, or through the wired fence.

Versatile for Unique Yards
An underground dog fence is incredibly versatile. Traditional fences are most easily installed on leveled ground with straight lines and right angles, and it takes a significant amount of preparation to install a traditional fence in an atypical yard. Electric dog fences, on the other hand, can be easily laid across any size, shape, or type of land. Circular and asymmetrical yards, as well as yards of multiple acres, are easily enclosed with a wireless dog fence. If your property has a unique location with a beautiful view, such as of a golf course or lake, an electronic dog fence might also be a better choice. Traditional fences can obscure views and drastically change the appearance of your property. Electric fences preserve your home’s landscaping and design.

Accommodating of All Budgets
Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. If you have a modest budget, an invisible fence is a more affordable choice. Anyone can install their own electric dog fence, and it can cost as little as $300 total. Over time, electric fences also cost less in maintenance. Traditional fences are exposed to the elements and prone to damage and wear over time. Electric fences cost less to repair and do not need to be repaired nearly as often.
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  1. We aren't fans of these. We know lots of dogs that just jump the line. The biggest thing is they won't come back into the yard because they get zapped again. It's also scary when out walking as dogs race up to the edge acting like they will kill you and you never really know if they will stay in or not and sometimes owners don't put on the zapper collar anymore and they just run out after us. Everyone has to make their own decision, but we don't like these.

  2. When we moved into our house, the previous owner had already installed an electric dog fence in the front yard, but we never turned it on. Our back yard is traditionally fenced (plus a deer fence to keep the deer out), and we only go only leashes in the front yard. I'm not a big fan of them anyway, for many of the reasons Emma noted above.

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  3. I agree with Emma and Susan, the fear a dog being zapped then running away because of fear to come back is a huge negative for me.

  4. We don't have first-hand experience with this but a close friend of ours did. They installed an electric dog containment fence thinking their dog would be safe. It worked great for a while until some bully neighborhood dogs entered the yard and attacked their dog and nearly killed him. So even if an electric fence keeps your own dog contained, it won't keep other dogs (or wild animals) out of your yard.

    On a HAPPY note....we received our Swiss Alps calendar today and it's beautiful. We already have it hanging up. I plan to post about it and show some pictures soon. And thank you again, Tootsie and Renee! :)

  5. That kind of fence with associated electrical collar is not allowed in Switzerland ; you can have a low tension fence around the yard, but nothing directly on the animal. Purrs

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