Monday, May 11, 2015

Dachshund Pippo

Today we're taking you to Lake Serraia in the Trentino region of Northern Italy, which in Dachshund Daddy's opinion is the Switzerland of Italy.

This area is home to Dachshund Pippo, who was recently featured on Furbes -- the Forbes magazine for canine readers.

Here's Pippo's trademark blue-eyed sassy look.

Pippo is a very good dog. He has a blue eye and a hazel eye.


Dachshund Pippo recommends hiking to the top of Dosso di Costalta so you can enjoy a wotten waven view of Lake Serraia and the rest of the Altopiano di Pinè, the Pinè plateau where the lake is ensconced. Pippo, thank you for the tip!

Fur note: Pippo is the Italian name for the Disney character Goofy and is commonly used as a term of endearment for dogs and people alike.


  1. are so handsome! My brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie) also has one blue eye and one hazel eye but he isn't as handsome as you..


  2. Pippo is very handsome and looks like a friendly guy!

  3. Pippo is one very handsome dachshund and we are sure his hiking recommendations are tip top!

  4. What a beautiful place ! Pippo has an amazing look with his blue eye ! Purrs


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