Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Grandpa -- Thank You!

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for a wotten-waven special time together. Not only are you the best grandpa in the world... you also give the best cuddles. And cawwots. And you let me hunt AS MUCH AS I WANT. And you help reassure MOM that I'm OKAY, so she can go do her work while you and I get to stay together.

I love you.

Mom loves you, too.



  1. “The pleasure is mine” says this Grandpa
    Your visits are better than Santa’s
    Since you caught that last mouse
    There’s more peace in this house
    To your gracious post I say "De Nada"

  2. Cuddles AND carrots. Does it get any better?
    And did you really catch a mouse?
    I always knew I had an awesome doggy godmother!
    Toodle pip!

  3. So nice that you got to have that special time.


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