Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trudy the Bernese

Meet Trudy the Bernese mountain dog! Bernese and Dachshunds have a lot more in common than one would think. Aside from the negligible size difference (they say Bernese mountain dogs are slightly larger than dachshunds, though I haven't really noticed), both Bernese and Dachshunds like to nap and give sassy looks.

Trudy lives in the Tanarello Valley, just below the border between Italy and France. This is where Trudy walks every day.

Trudy's pee spots literally mark the border between the two countries, thus complementing the role of border markers such as this one:

"F" stands for France, but why does it say 1947 underneath? Trudy says, "Because that's when the border between France and Italy was redrawn after WWII." How wild is that?


  1. WOW...that is sooooo neat! You can go into another country to...pee!


  2. A lufflely dog, this Bernese
    It is common in Alsace and Nice
    It's demeanor is mellow
    When In Tanarello
    When we're at home we're at peace!

  3. That's one of Mum's favorite dog breed ! Purrs

  4. Size difference, what size difference?

  5. Dachshunds and Bernese don't need borders, do they...

  6. Trudy is beautiful! What a lovely place to walk.


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