Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kurgo Car Seat Cover Review!

This Kurgo car seat cover really made me miss my fur brother Truffle. Truffle was a much bigger dog than me (though you know I'm pretty big myself), and this would have been perfect for him. So Grandpa took a photograph with Truff's picture. See how much Truffle would have loved this cover?

This Kurgo car seat is a great piece of equipment. I consider our car my personal DogShip, and this is just the sort of slipcover to keep the seats clean when I jump in with my muddy paws.

The fabric is pawsome and durable.

Like all Kurgo products -- this car seat cover is very well made with all sorts of pockets. Mom and I think the pockets might be for your pet kangaroos.

Kurgo makes lots of awesome pet travel items, too. I use their expandable "Collaps a Bowl" when I travel. And you know I'm a savvy traveler.

Thank you, Kurgo, for making great pet products. Thank you, Grandpa, for helping with these photographs!

Fur disclosure: I received this Kurgo car seat cover in exchange for posting my honest assessment here.


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