Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mom is Giddy!

Mom is giddy for the following reasons:
1. Her 30th high school reunion is this weekend, which means she has passed "Go" and is somewhere between middle age and wisdom. Well, we're not sure about wisdom. Here's a bark out to all her classmates and their pets! She's super sorry to miss you.

2. Mom couldn't make it to her high school reunion because she needs to keep doing physical therapy for her shoulder and knee. (It's also nine time zones away.)

3. That view. Wow. (And look how well Mom is holding me--her arm is getting better!)

4. There are often carved wooden Swiss Trolls on or near doorways of huts in the Swiss mountains. Mom is practicing for her new position as a Senior Swiss Troll.
 AS FOR ME, I'm just holding down the fort in my little long way.



  1. She's still far from being a troll MOL ! We're glad her arm is getting better. Purrs

  2. Sorry your mom can't make the reunion. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. Hi Tootsie,
    So glad to read that your Mom's shoulder us getting better. Gail and I think you both look great I that picture. And of course we love the view in the background too.
    Toodle pip!


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