Monday, July 11, 2016

Flight Practice: A Little Help from the Wind


Some days, flight practice is more frustrating than other days. But even when things are frustrating, it's imPAWtant to keep practicing. Some people might say that dogs cannot fly, but that pigs can fly. Well, if a pig can fly, I think a dog can fly.

Mom and Dad say that they will help me keep practicing. I'm so lowdown that the wind doesn't get under my ears for a good lift, so I need Mom or Dad to pick me up. That way, my ears get a bit of a lift from the wind, and flight practice is possible.

Mom says she has lots of days with her writing where she doesn't feel like it is going well at all. Well, today's flight practice was one of those days.

If you're having a day when things aren't going so well, you might just need a friend to lift you up so you can feel the wind.



  1. Do you think of lifting your mom up, Tootsie ? We bet you already did it many times, even if you're tiny ! We love your flying ears, keep going ! Purrs

  2. You really need to enter the ear flapping pawlympics event, we think you would get gold.


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