Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meraviglioso Cervino -- the Matterhorn

Another picture of the Matterhorn from the Italian side. We're so happy we saw this mountain! It was definitely worth waiting eight years.

"Cervino" is the Italian name of the mountain. The Romans called it "Mons Silvanus," then it became known as "Mont Cervin" in French. "Monte Cervino" is the Italian adaptation of the French toponym.

The Fascists changed the name of the hamlet of Breuil, located at the Matterhorn's feet on the Italian side (the south side), to Cervinia, so that it would reflect its status as the Gateway to Cervino. The Fascist name stuck, probably because the hamlet was transformed into a major tourist destination in the 1930s under the Fascist regime.

Cervinia may be the gateway to the mountain, but it is incredibly ugly, so we recommend making your home base farther down the valley, preferably away from the main highway. We loved the quiet hamlet in the Valtournenche township where we stayed.

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