Thursday, March 29, 2012

Across from the Valley of the Dogs

At the end of February, right after my California road trip with Mom, Dad visited Mount Föisc. Trusty Steed 2 took him to the trailhead in the hamlet of Brugnasco near Airolo, Switzerland.

Located at the northeast edge of the Leventina Valley, Mount Föisc sits across from the Valley of the Dogs (Valle dei Cani). The Valley of the Dogs is not an actual valley, but a series of parallel drainages on a high elevation plateau.

The snowshoe hike up Mount Föisc is safe and relatively easy, and Lyra highly recommends it.

She could tell Dad is a dog person just by the way he smiled at her.

Lyra is a great big fan of Mount Föisc.

Playing in the snow is a lot of fun as a baseline, and even more so if you have a wotten waven view!

Airolo is home to the south portal of the 10-mile long St Gotthard tunnel. If you're traveling between Milan and Zurich by either car or train, you go right through there. Val Bedretto is nearby; that's where we got caught in a thunderstorm last fall on the day a smart ass called me a hot dog.

Lyra sent us a doggy-gram right away.

The top of Föisc offers a bird's eye view of Lake Ritom...

and the whole of Leventina as well.

A flock of birds were hovering over the top of Föisc...

creating art in the sky.

Back at the trailhead, Trusty Steed 2 was patiently waiting. By the time Dad made it back to the trailhead, all she wanted to do was hit the road!


  1. What a beautiful day! I love that art sky too!

  2. Wonderful photographs - Lyra looks really at home:)

  3. BWHahahahahah....A hot dog! Imagine that!

    Beautiful scenics and lots of snow!

  4. No that would be a fun adventure. MOM and I love hiking to places that over look lakes or ponds. There is just something inspiring about it.

  5. Wow what a beautiful place.

    urban hounds

  6. That place looks amazing! Terrific pictures!

  7. Lyra looks like a real sweetie. Great photos too.
    Gail can recommend cycling between Airolo and Bellinzona on the non-motorway route. She seems to remember it was at least 20 km continuous downhill! (And there is a train for the way back!)

    1. That's how Dad got back home :)
      By bike down the valley as far as Biasca, and by train from there.
      But it's farther than that: 40 km to Biasca, 60 km to Bellinzona :)
      Wotten waven!

  8. Just beautiful, but SHE's thinkin' it's a bit cold for bike riding.

    A whole Valley dedicated to us....fantastic.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Lovely photos! Lyra looks like a sweetie pie.

  10. Wow - amazing . . . I haven't been out of my back yard yet!

  11. Hi
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I was unable to reply as there is an error message when I tried. Have joined yours.
    Very Best wishes Molly The Wally

  12. What an amazing place! Lyra looks like she really enjoyed herself!

  13. Such great photos and looks like it was a gorgeous day! Hi Lyra! You're so cute.
    Holly & Phoebe


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