Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cimo Trail

On a Saturday in late January, a week before the first snow, I hiked from the lakeside town of Agno to the hill town of Cimo. The trail begins across the street from the back of the Agno church and winds its way through the forest at the edge of town.

The trademark Swiss yellow signage looks a bit worse for the wear, but it serves its purpose.

The trail is well-maintained...

and always easy to follow.

Cimo offers neat architecture...

Catholic-themed art...

and lots of quiet to hear yourself think.

The best thing about Cimo, however, is the view.

Some people find the view heart-stopping, which is why a defibrillator is available to the general public right in the middle of Cimo.

Seriously, this device is part of a network of defibrillators publicly available for emergencies in communities throughout southern Switzerland!


  1. Great hike Tootsie. It looks like you are keeping everyone in shape so the defibrillator can stay in its glass case for now.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail says she remembers all the path signs in Switzerland having the times marked on, but maybe that is only in the Germanic areas, the latin culture being more relaxed about these matters....?

    1. Thanks, Bertie! In general, Swiss Italian signs do have the times marked on, but Gail is probably right about the latin culture in this specific case :) BOL!!!

  2. Hey Tootsie, Jet here. Thank you for the guided tour. You are most gracious to share the sights with a singularly continental Flat Coat/border collie mix!

  3. Another great hike. I love those yellow signs everywhere.

  4. Wow, some very pretty views! Are you certified in using the debrib - defibber -- the heart thingy?

  5. I love reading about your hikes!

  6. Great hike! Cimo does have a breath taking view. Their signs do look a little worse for wear! LOL! They are trying to make those defibrillators more widely available here in Canada too.

  7. I think you were the best feature of that heart stopping view!


  8. Oh my...dat is a most luverly place. And I find it thrillin' to sees a doxie hiking in some tuff terrain....of course we is stubborn anyways...hehehe.


  9. Laughing at the defrib for the heart stopping view! We have a view almost as good as that, but no defrib lol

  10. Beautiful views!!!!! I think the defribs are a cool thing!


  11. That's pretty funny! And what a cool place
    Dachshund Nola

  12. Wow, how beautiful! That's my kind of hike. Luckily little Tootsie! :)

  13. Wow! looks like a great place to hike.


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