Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tagged by Nola and Garth!

I was recently tagged by two pawesome fur-friends: Dachshund Nola and English Labrador Retriever Garth Riley. Thank you so much to both of you, and...here we go!

1. Describe yourself in 7 words:

Cultivated rescue miniature dachshund savoring bicontinental life.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Three things: (1) the thought that my breakfast might be waiting for me in the kitchen; (2) Dad waking me up to make sure I'm still breathing under the covers; (3) Mom waking me up to fiddle with me.

3. Who would you like to be?

I wag to be me.

4. What are you wearing right now?

My Dachshund Delights CoverUp, my pink collar, and my milkbone-shaped tag.

5. What scares you?

The thought that I might be separated from my furever parents. I suffer from separation anxiety, which my furever parents help me manage.

6. The best and worst of blogging?

The best: Connecting with fur-friends and their humans.
The worst: Did you say...wurst? As in sausage? Where is it???

7. Last website you've visited?

Pet Blogs United: PBU. I was recently the PBU Featured Blogger, and I am still so excited I keep going back to my Featured Blogger post :)

8. One thing you'd change about yourself?

My ability to gain weight out of thin air.

9. Slankets or no?

Yes, of course. I'd love to burrow inside a slanket.

10. Tell us something about the dog or person that tagged you:

Dachshund Nola is a very special furgirl from Florida. She's adorable. She always visits my blog and leaves fun fur comments. Her mom takes wonderful photos. Her blog always makes me wag. Did I mention that she's gorgeous?

Garth Riley is a Canine Good Citizen from Virginia. He's a certified therapy dog with an impressive resume. He brings joy and pride to his community on a daily basis, because people instantly feel better when they look at him. I can see how that happens, because his blog always makes my day. Much like myself, he's a very adventurous dog, and in fact he just won an award at Mango Minster 2012 in the Adventure Animals category.

And now...here are the eight fur-friends I'm tagging, in no particular order:

Baïka, my Swiss King Charles Spaniel fur friend from Geneva. The English language does not have enough adjectives to properly capture her cuteness, so she blogs in French :) I adore her videos; don't miss her Bubble Gum Girl performance!

Bunk, a black pug puppy with a great sense of humor. Originally from Missouri, Bunk now resides in Tennessee. Next time you're feeling under the radar, be sure to read his Mango Minster entry: it will make your day!

Frankie Furter and Ernie, two fellow dachshunds from Ohio with a unique writing style! I love their new jackets that their mom made for them.

Goose, always sweet and thoughtful! Much like myself, he's a rescue dog who takes good care of his mom and goes on some great walks in Utah!

Kippy Marrie, a very stylish Yorkie from Brazil! Her blog has a great design, and she has lots of fabulous adventures!

Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, and Ziggy Stardust! They live in New Mexico and just traveled to Vegas! Ziggy got himself an interesting haircut. They recently published their pawesome 100th post.

Bouncing Bertie, a gorgeous wire-haired fox terrier pup from Aberdeen, Scotland. I met Bertie thanks to Mango Minster and I was blown away by his great entry. Be sure not to miss Bard Bertie's 2011 wrap-up!

Reuben at Floppy Tongue Joy, a pawesome fellow rescue dachshund from South Carolina who's very protective of his own blog :)
His story sounds very similar to my own: among other things, Reuben had to have dental surgery after he was rescued, just like me.
Plus, we both started blogging in September 2011. Check out his sweet blog, but read the disclaimer first!


  1. Those are fun answers. Now, have you found the wurst? Care to share? :)

    1. No, I'm still looking...they keep me on a perpetual doggy diet :(

  2. You're a MINIATURE dachshund ? My goodness. How much smaller are you than a normal dachshund, Tootsie? Your mum wakes you up to fiddle with you! Hahaha! Hmmm. ;p

    1. Much smaller! I'm portable, pliable, and personable :)

  3. Hi there Tootsie
    Great post, and I am so honoured to be tagged along with such distinguished company. Thank you so much. And I am especially pleased at the recognition for my Mango Minster post, which goes some way to compensating for the fact that in three years of entering (twice helping me and once my predecessor Hamish) Gail has never even been placed.... She keeps telling me this year that she thinks that implying admiration for Charles Darwin and his works was a strategic error!
    But Gail is not very good at participating in these tagging type activities, so I can only promise that I shall try to persuade her to help me out with this one.
    How cool that you too are a train traveller. In the UK a dog travels for free on the train, in or out of a crate. (You won't be catching me in a crate I can promise you).
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail was very amused by your comment on Monday's 'poop post'.

    1. Hi, Bertie!

      Thanks for stopping by my bloggie!!!

      I'm a great big fan of your pawesome blog!!!

      Your Mango post is absolutely fantastic -- we go back and read it again from time to time :)
      I'm a great big fan of Charles Darwin myself, but I see what you mean about your 'strategic mistake'.

      No worries about following up with a 'tag post' of your own, but it is a lot of fun :)

      Wow, I didn't know dogs traveled free on British trains. On Swiss trains, big dogs pay half price and little dogs travel free as long as they're crated (dad's jacket may sometimes work as a crate).

      I've been thinking about your 'poop post' all day. It would be nice to try that one out over here, but I would use a pirate flag or something that wouldn't get anyone upset.

      Keep on wagging,

  4. Great to get to nose you better..Did you find da wurst? Will you share wit me???

  5. Great Q & A! I'm still laughing over your answers to "What keeps you up at night" ! LMAO!

  6. Those are some great answers. As you know I have the separation anxiety as well. Isn't it great to have humans you understand and help with that? Thanks for tagging me. I was tagged once before but you know what it would be fun to do again. I can always have something more to say.
    Thanks again.

  7. Doce amiga... Olá.
    Fiquei feliz em ver voce em meu blog. Faz tempo que a gente não se falava. Obrigada pela visita, e por ter gostado de meu chapéu.
    Fiquei feliz em te ver.
    Voce está linda nas fotos.
    Ótima semana e fica com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com amor e carinho...


    1. Thank you for stopping by! You're so sweet!!!
      I love reading Portuguese, even though I need to use Google Translate a lot :)

  8. Great post! I loved reading more bout you......and we can totally understand the dachshund weight gain 'issue'. Sigh

    1. Sigh...it's particularly bad in my case, because I used to be VERY fat before I was adopted by my furever parents...

  9. I love all your answers. It is always good to get to know some bloggers better.


  10. Those are some mighty good answers. We are so glad to learn some more things about you. We really like your blog. Take care.

  11. Tootsie your answers were excellent.

    I really enjoyed getting to learn MORE stuffs about you.


    1. You're welcome! I look forward to learning more 'stuffs' about the two of you!

  12. Great answers! lol at the “wurst” :D

  13. We really enjoyed learning more about you! And your pictures are beautiful. :)

  14. Totally understand about gaining weight on air!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. GRRRRREAT post! Your seven-word description is perfect! And my mom fiddles with me when I'm trying to sleep too!

    We LOVE your blog! We didn't realize you had only been blogging since September 2011 (you do it so well). We started in November 2011, not long after you.

    Congrats on being a Featured Blogger in PBU!

  16. That was a pawsome interview! Thanks for introducing me to Floppy Tongue Joy, I'm always on the lookout of fellow Doxie blogs!
    Dachshund Nola

    1. I no can wait to hear of all your adventures too Nola! *does happy wiggly dance*

  17. Clearly you is a very interesting dog, like me! I loves to learn all about you. Thank you for the tag; I think you is a very good dog!

  18. Oh merci pour le tag ! J'adore ton humour et je me réjouis de participer !


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