Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bipedal Caboose: Guest Limerick by Grandpa

My fur-brother Truffle wrote me a limerick earlier this year, and we asked readers to suggest a title. We had many great suggestions, including from our friends Pam & Oskar over at the Daily Oskar who suggested "Eatin' Green" as the title. Thank you, Pam and Oskar. They are great advocates of bloggers over at Pet Blogs United.

Now Grandpa has written me a new limerick, which I would like to share with you. Thank you, Grandpa! (I think my fur-brother Truffle helped him. Hi, Truffle!)

But dear readers and kindred spirits, we need a title for this limerick. Please help.

Here's Grandpa's untitled limerick:
You may think my praise somewhat obtuse
When I ask – of your dog – “what’s her use?”
To describe her politely
She’s elongated slightly
With a full-fledged bipedal caboose

Thank you, Grandpa!

Title suggestions?


  1. I have no clue about a title... but I can tell you this, your Grandpa is a VERY talented wordsmith!!

    :) Tell him we love it!
    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  2. Grandpa is most talented! He should write a book. We'll have to think about a title tho cuz we've not had our morning coffee yet and still have cobwebs in our head.

    Lily Belle

  3. Very cute, but an idea for a title escapes us

    urban hounds

  4. That is GREAT! I need to think and read it a few more times.

  5. A bipedal caboose!! Is bipedal even a word?!? What a great doxie limmerick! Can't wait to see what title your readers come up with!!

  6. BOL How about Tootsie's Train?

    I love the limerick! Clever witty and cute.

    Way to go Gramps!

  7. Dear Tootsie, I had to look up the dictionary to see what a caboose is. Now I'm confused. I'm not sure if you're the last carriage in a train, a ship's galley or *hmmm* buttocks. And bipedal too! These are all great things to be I'm sure, but all this time, I thought you were a 4 legged daschund! Photos on the Internet can be so deceiving. Since The Typist is only typing today and doesn't want to help me be clever, the best title I can think of after careful consideration is

    (sorry, I have been thinking for 5 minutes! this is too tough for a dog like me.) Have a good day Tootsie! Your friend, Georgia x

  8. Well done, Grandpa. Maybe you should publish the limericks in the new Blogville Chronicle!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  9. I have no idea for a title, but I LOVE your grampa's poem! (as does my mom, who is something of a poet herself) And I love the photo of you with sand on your snout!

    Your pal,

  10. I cannot think of any... but Grandpa did a good job!

  11. We've given you an award http://www.weinerfullife.com/2012/06/happy-tuesday-happy-award-tuesday.html

  12. The Little Engine that Could?


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