Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad! He's wotten waven. He loves me, of course, but he also knows me -- those two states don't always go together. With Dad, they do. I love you, Dad. Here I am in your arms.

Happy Father's Day to my grandpa! He's wotten waven. He writes me special limericks and encourages my blogger friends to name them. And he plays Hide-and-Seek with me -- inside the house! Here's my grandpa on his tractor with my human cousins.

Happy Father's Day to my uncle! He's wotten waven. He brings my human cousins and my fur cousin Yugi to play with me and Truffle in Idaho. And he is teaching me how to sail!

Keep on wagging.


  1. Dear Grandpa,

    Thank you for my limerick! I'm posting it here for you. Love, Tootsie

    A globe-trotting dachshund named Tootsie
    With a pert flight attendant played footsie
    Being quite hidden from view
    Sent this terrified stew
    Screaming like a demented fruit loopsie.

  2. Lovely tribute for Father's Day! :)

  3. Very nice, Roxy loves her dad and grandpa too.

  4. Lovely post Tootsie!! You've got some wonderful Fathers in your life :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Snoops :)

  5. Hello Tootsie. I saw you on Pixel Blue Eye's and Bassetmomma's pages. You so reminded me of my dearest friend Sir Happy Heart. I thought your Father's Day tribute was lovely. I am following your blog now and I invite you to visit mine. <3 Mister Marmee

  6. Oh what a wonderful tribute to your daddy!! You are too cute! Hope you are having a great Monday! ~Weinerful Gang~

  7. What wonderful father's day wishes to your family. Be safe on that boat!

    Take care,


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