Monday, June 4, 2012

Monte Boglia & A Helpful Tip

A hike can start in the strangest places. One moment, you're in bed.

And the next moment, you're looking at shoes that won't work on a hike. (Do these shoes even work for walkies? How can a dog wag and walk while wearing these suckers?)

But then the next moment, you're riding on a bus.

You start looking down, down, down and you realize you are going up, up, up and you figure out -- wotten waven -- you are going on massive walkies. Otherwise known as a hike!

Our hike started from the little town of Brè. It's a sweet artist town with lots of character.

I'll tell you all about Brè and all about Monte Boglia another time, but right now, I want to share a strange thing. As you know, I'm long and short. As you know, dachshunds are hounds. We have noses. Okay, that's background. Keep it in mind.

What you may not know is that Swiss people are full of helpful tips. How to clean this. How to clean that.

This hike was the first time in my mom's life, ever, that she has been corrected for having a dog on leash. Do you remember that I'm a hound? You know I love to climb mountains. What would happen if I were, say, to be off leash and to follow my hound nose? Yikes.

But, no, the owner of Sweet Lab suggested that I needed to be OFF LEASH. This is otherwise known as a helpful tip.

The owner of Sweet Lab explained to my parents that I should be fully and properly trained to stay off leash with them and to stay away from the drop off just behind us (3,000 feet down) and not to follow my nose. So there. He was quite insistent. Sweet Lab, though, whispered to me that his owner gives lots of helpful tips to lots of people and that I should just carry on doing my long and short thing.

Mom doesn't speak enough Italian to know what was going on, so Dad translated all this for her later. Dad thanked Sweet Lab's Owner profusely for his helpful tip, and guess what?! I stayed on leash all the way to the top of Monte Boglia.

You might not be able to see my leash in this photograph, but I assure you, it is there.


  1. "In one ear and out the other" is what we kittehz alway say! We practice that advice everyday! Good for Mom for keeping you safe. Have a great week. xoxo

  2. When I live in Manhattan I encountered many owners who told me that in the morning hours Norbert should be off leash in central park Id just ignore it. Some people just have to give advice

    urban hounds

  3. To leash or not to leash , that is the question? What ever works for you , simples!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I would totally walk a dog, cat, horse, in those shoes!!!

    Hugs and Kisses, Shelle
    (Milo and Dixie are sleeping in still)

  5. Tootsie didn't you explain that you MUST keep your peeps on a walkin string... beclaws they are NOT to be trusted not to wander off and stuffs? We Gotta keep the PEEPS Safe on a walkie like THAT.

  6. Never mind the dog, it's the humans who need to be taken care of! If you don't have one holding tightly to your leash, who knows what trouble they could get into?

  7. You definitely can't go for walkies in those shoes Tootsie! And, I think I'd personally feel much better keeping my dog's leash on when hiking in a place so high up. To each their own!

  8. Okay. I just can't get past that first picture of you Tootsie! It is just the cutest one I've seen! You look like you're posing for Glamour Magazine! LOL!

  9. The Dachsund wears Prada?

  10. Woof! Woof! Fun but at the same time scary. Lots of Golden Aloha n Woofs, Sugar

  11. So fun! I understand having to stay on a leash though. I might trust my Labrador Maya to be off a leash in an area we are familiar with, but never in a strange place. I'm still not ready to let my Aussie mix Pierson off a leash. I don't want him to wander off and become a stray again.

  12. oh dear....such helpful peeps! I actually prefer off leash, but since the toxic mushroom incident, I don't always get my way.

    thank you for checking up on me since my "back there" surgery...doin' pretty more pain meds and stitches will come out this week! Whew...glad that's over!

    Keep on Hikin'

  13. Hey Tootsie, Jet here.

    What a gorgeous hike... totally agree with how the humans handled the situation!

  14. I agree, leash a hound! The only times I'm ever off leash out of our yard is when I'm at the beach or on my grandpa's farm

  15. That would be a looooooong

    drop. For sure.
    I like off-leash hikes myself but The Typist would probably freak and chain me to her.

    Hugs x

  16. Oh look at all that fun! Looks like you had quite an adventure! Happy Monday, Our Friend! :0)
    ~Weinerful Gang~

  17. My Misty has more than once taken off between the short distance of our fenced back yard and our house. So.... We cut a hole in the side fence on the side we don't use, installed a ramp, fenced off the stairs going out to the street and she now has her own, safe, can't get distracted by the stroller (blowing bag, rabbit, bird, toddler,...) and run out in front of a school bus, cab, or car ever again. Yes, that's how many times people managed to stop for her as this is a residential neighborhood. We felt like we could train her and she'd be sooooooo good for months and months on end and then boom, she was gone. And Dachshunds can be very fast when they want!

  18. Training a doxie NOT to follow it's nose? Training a all? Pulllease! Our doxie friends are free spirits.

    Fantastic walk, though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Be careful on those hikes. We had one friend have her off leash dog slip down the side of a cliff. Luckily they were able to rescue her with only a couple scrapes.

    Happy Monday!

  20. those shoes rock

    Stop on by for a visit

  21. OMG, as a owner who does both: on and off leash, i insist that my dogs can behave either leashed or not leashed. ok, well, they're not perfect, however, both have solid recalls and I always recall when i see another dog, leashed or not. because neither can be trusted to IGNORE the other doggie. Both my two (loki and juno) adore petit doggies like yourself and both are very respectful of little doggies, but it doesn't mean the little doggie wants to meet them so we do our best to prevent it unless other owner says it's ok. BIG doggies? now there's our issues. labs and other fuzzie dogs i must be extra careful with because my big bad cracker can either be engaging and fun or a stupid head with them. therefor he is always recalled when we see any doggie, big or small. Demz is da rules because they can't "ignore" other doggies and insist on nose meetings at best and sometimes "running hello greetings" at worst! So i don't allow that.

    I've had 2 women yell at me because my dogs were off leash in the forest, and not aggressive at all (there were no other dogs there) but just calmly walking around ignoring the river side area cooling off)... and they still yelled at me because one was deathly afraid of dogs (yet she's hiking in a forest with poisonous snakes, bob cats, coyotees, etc.)

    but I dont' think i'd EVER have the nerve to criticize anyone for having a dog on-leash.

    that's so Swiss...


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