Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Receiving a Tootsie Emblazoned Mug

I received a poem of appreciation from my cousin, Pat the Human, after I snail mailed her a Wag with Tootsie coffee mug and magnet. Below, please read Pat-the-Human's letter and poem. Thank you, Pat, for your poems!

Dear Tootsie,

I was inspired on receiving the cup and the magnet. In the same vein as my previous "Ode to Tootsie," here is a new poem.  Hope you enjoy it.

On Receiving a Tootsie Emblazoned Mug

Tootsie, my Tootsie, oh what a pup
You now have your very own cup

What a delight to drink this way,
Coffee, hot cocoa, rum toddies array

This is Nirvana! Other pleasures I forswore
When, lo! A magnet arrived at my door!

What other enjoyments for me are in store
I cried, from this pup of blogosphere lore?

Tee shirts, note pads, welcoming mats
Mouse pads, hoodies and even cravats?

So to borrow a verse from a previous rhyme
To end my musings and save some time....

I so love you, Tootsie, and needless to say
The cup and the magnet just made my day!

From your human cousin,

Here's a photograph below of my Tootsie signature cartoon magnet creation, which I sent to Pat (I also put a copy on my fridge). You'll recognize the magnets Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog gave me. And the other magnet is of my fur-brother Truffle. I'm in great company!

I've been experimenting with creating a Wag with Tootsie product line. Should I continue?

Again, many thanks to my cousin Pat the Human!



  1. Wow Tootsie, we think Pat-the-Human should be appointed Poet Laureate to Blogville. And DEFINITELY you should have your own product line.
    Toodle pip!

  2. You have a very special cousin! Very nice, Tootsie!

  3. I agree with Bertie. Grrreat poem and super Tootsie stuffs!!!

  4. Bruno (w his typist Christa)June 5, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    I concur -- the poem is excellent! My mom would be drinking out of her own cherished Tootsie mug right now if she were at her desk at home. It was thrilling when your mom gave it to her at the Chicago book signing... My mom and dad use it all the time, and constantly comment about how much I look like you! :-) That's a compliment, because you're one great-looking wiener...
    And you should DEFINITELY have your own product line -- you and your mom have lovely wit and wonderful perspectives and experiences to share! Sign me up!

  5. Sadie and the other MotherJune 5, 2012 at 8:23 AM

    Dear Tootsie,
    Sadie and I would love to have a mug and a magnet, so please do make your own We Love Tootsie Line. I will be one of your first customers. We still think that you should write a book about your adventures. Good Poem too. We Love You Tootsie.
    Sadie and the other Mother

  6. Are you a hotdog? Are you a smart ass?

    BWAH HAHA! I think you definitely have a funny bone, Tootsie :) x

  7. That was so cute! I think a product line is a PAWSOME idea

  8. COOL! When are you putting your TOOTSIE Line up on the internet? You could be RICH and famous:) You have a very nice human cousin!

    p.s. Sadie's book idea is pawsome!


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